The Revelation Book

Meet the Authors

What is The Revelation book?

The Revelation explores the evolution of the human experience on planet Earth, focusing on how the development of the human brain became our evolutionary advantage. This knowledge leads us to a specific understanding of how our economy works and the unalterable rules any successful economy must follow. Finally, we examine the origins of our universe in a fascinating look at how all three of these seemingly unrelated topics are inseparably linked at the most basic level. Building upon this most basic and fundamental understanding of our universe, Karl and Mark devote the final chapter of their book to tackling one of the toughest riddles in mathematics, The Unified Field Theory. Through Quantum Mirroring, The Revelation exposes the metaphysical and physical relationship that connects all the dots in language anyone can understand.

How did The Revelation occur?

After many years as an atheist, Karl Spain experienced a Revelation in 2004. It took the form as a series of multi-dimensional images without words or letters, consisting solely of ideas and images fused together. The images laid bare the truths behind the concepts described in this book.

About the authors:

Karl Spain:

  • Newspaper co-founder – Chronicle Express newspaper developed from nothing to 35 FTE’s over 12 years, sold to Journal Newspapers in 1992.
  • Businessman – President, COO and Publisher of Journal Newspapers, a chain of six daily newspapers in the Washington suburbs for five of the most successful years in the chain’s history.
  • Real Estate Developer – Built, bought, renovated, and expanded five commercial buildings in the Washington Metropolitan area over a 10 period.
  • Entrepreneur – founded several successful start-ups in the IT field, culminating with the creation of Archiving and Intranet system for Tommy Hilfiger in New York City.
  • Book Author – who along with his co-author Dr. Mark Richards, wrote this ground breaking book. “The Revelation smashes the myth that Science and God cannot co-exist,” Karl explains. “In fact, we show the reader several different ways to see that the inter-relationship between science and a higher powered consciousness is a mathematical necessity.”

Although still less than 50 years old, Revelation author Karl Spain has managed to fit a few lifetimes of experience into just one “amazing trip.” A Washington D.C. native, Karl was born in 1960 at Suburban Hospital in Bethesda MD. He grew up in Montgomery County, from where he and a childhood friend departed on a 6,000 mile ninety-day bicycle trip around the U.S. in 1979. “It wasn’t a sightseeing trip,” Karl explains, “We really went out to meet the people of this country, and to see if through that experience we could settle the question of whether or not there is a God.” Bike riding partner Jon Greenstone found God on that trip and is a Lutheran minister today in Emmitsburg Maryland. It would take Karl 25 more years to get his answer.

Mark E. Richards MD:

A 1979 Yale College graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biopsychology, Mark has been constantly exploring the edge of the unknown… just for the challenge of it. Dr. Richards is often found happily exploring the inner and outer universes at The Cosmos Club in Washington D.C. through the exchange of ideas with its members.

Decades prior, he was born at the same hospital as Karl (though admittedly a few years earlier). This is one of several coincidences that crossed their paths in space though not always at the same time. As a Washington D.C. area native, Mark grew up with an interesting array of intellectual stimulants from high level Diplomats and Intelligence Officers to leaders in the Arts and Sciences. Plunging into the computer field in its infancy, with a strong mathematical and science background, Mark held many interesting part time jobs before going to medical school. These were as diverse as studying the effects of radiation exposure to the brain at the National Institutes of Health in the 1970s to working on the guidance systems for Standard Missile 2 and the Tomahawk cruise missile prototype. However, it was Plastic Surgery that finally captured his career attention as a melding of the scientific and the creative, propelling him through the grueling four years of medical school and seven years of subsequent residency training. (His website www.DrRichards.US describes his renowned plastic surgery practice.)

The Revelation is his cooperative venture with Karl Spain which has allowed Dr. Mark Richards to tie together his life’s experiences, which have spanned both the globe and the depths of human experience. A deeply spiritual, but not religious man, Mark considers this project to be the spring board from which we can lift the human condition and ensure our continuation as a viable life form on Earth.